The Knot Pillow is a brand new concept that blends modern Scandinavian decor and traditional knotting styles. To fully grasp the artwork of the Knot Pillow, one must understand the intriguing origins of knotting art, Scandinavian style, and our discovery of the styles that influenced the creation of the Knot Pillow!

Knotting As An Art

The Ashley Book Of Knots

“[The] simple act of tying a knot is an adventure in unlimited space that is limited only by the scope of our own imagery and the lengthy of the rope maker’s coil.” - The Ashley Book of Knots

The Ashley Book of Knots (written by Clifford W. Ashley) features over 3,900 knots and 7,000 drawings, and took Ashley 11 years to complete the book! His book not only explained how to tie thousands of knots; it explained the purpose of every knot, where it originated, and even who was known to use it. Knotting had long been viewed as a potential for fancier decor, especially by the olden hands-on folk artists (and we’re knot talking about music). But it wasn’t until the art of knotting was practiced by sailors that it began to develop into an intricate, widespread art with infinite variables. Knotting was a leisurely activity for many sailors, as they spent long stretches of time on ships and most of them couldn’t read or write. Interestingly, the type of knots that would be tied largely depended on the branch of service; the Navy specialized in “square knotting”, which is now better known as “macrame”.



Over time, the interest and participation in tying knots became very intense and began to spread like wildfire. Many sailors eventually turned it into a sort of competitive sport as a form of ongoing entertainment. Others created their own specialty knots that were particularly complex, and only taught it to those who swore secrecy - through this, they created secret social circles.


Scandinavian Art Decor

knot pillow living room

Simplicity. Accents. Textures.

This is what defines the uniqueness of the Scandinavian decor style. The style is often bright and utilizes white as a primary color, with tastefully bold accent colors. The style accompanied the “modernist” decor trend that originally emerged in the 1950s, and slowly but surely grew to become a popular trend in current Europe. The modernist movement focused on clean lines and neutral color palettes; in juxtaposition, the Scandinavian design was instead based on the desire for a bright and cozy atmosphere, as it was influenced by the cold and short winter days in the Nordic regions. The elegant style became very desirable in the area, and as it expanded to the neighboring regions, the style began to evolve to include lighter colors, open-plan spaces, and even further increasing the amount of brightness in the decor. Interestingly, as the style evolved, it became simplified and centered around minimalism as the “less is more” mindset began to manifest. This mindset was applied across the board - less ornamentation, less clutter, and even less color. Instead, now the focus of the room became textures and lightly applied accent colors. The minimalistic tendencies of the decorators implementing the Scandinavian style increased the functionality of open-plan spaces. What used to be just a living room could now become a very versatile area that could serve any number of needed purposes. It became a very clean and practical design.


Our Story


While traveling throughout Europe, we fell in love with the breathtaking Scandinavian style and were immediately inspired. We wondered why such a brilliantly beautiful and flexible style wasn’t popular in more countries. The decor in places like Finland and Sweden was a culturally eye-opening experience. Then we had an idea - what if we could bring an exciting piece of the style back with us? 

The Knot Pillow is an innovative invention that blends the creativity of the sailor’s knotting, and the Scandinavian style. It’s KNOT just your average throw pillow; it’s truly a unique work of art. The Knot Pillow is fully functional, comfortable, and beyond typical decor. It can add the perfect “pop” into any room - it’s perfect for kids, adults, living rooms, and bedrooms. Each and every Knot Pillow is handmade to perfection for perfect functionality and elegant decor.

Tie the knot, get a work of art, and experience an elegant, exotic culture in your own home!